Tennis (& Golfer’s) Elbow

What do Tradies, Office Workers, Cleaners, Lawn Bowlers, Gardeners, Knitters, Cyclists, Embroiders & Surfers have in common?
Answer: Over time, they are all activities that can trigger Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow!
You see, most elbow injuries are caused by wrist and hand movements repeated over & over until eventually the elbow tendon becomes inflamed.
These overuse injuries are called Tennis Elbow when the outside elbow tendon is injured, & Golfer’s Elbow when the tendon on the inside of the elbow is affected.
And although playing tennis & golf can sometimes cause elbow injuries, work & hobby related elbow injuries are far more common.
Treatment Choices For Tennis & Golfers Elbow? 
As always, your best treatment option targets the cause of the injury, not just the pain.
Resting your elbow, Anti Inflammatory Medication and Heat/Ice Therapy can all provide good symptom relief.
However, to prevent your elbow injury from flaring up again & again,
choose treatment that targets what’s actually triggering the tendonitis …
Overworked, Tight Forearm Muscles!
And finally, here’s a special tip:
High Speed Vibration Therapy that targets the Connective Tissue Fascia works BRILLIANTLY for all elbow tendonitis injuries.