Shin Splints

If you suffer from a sharp pain along your shin bone when you or running, or sometimes even just walking, you may have Shin Splints.
Shin splints develop from an imbalance between the muscles at the front and the muscles at the back of your shin bone.
( Tibialis Anterior &  Tibialis Posterior Muscles respectively)
The sharp pain is caused by muscles in spasm because there is a chronic weakness in the opposite group of muscles.
(eg: spasm in the muscles running along the front of the shin when the muscles at the back of the shin are too weak)
Common treatment advice for Shin Splints includes rest, ice & stretching.
However, none of these address the muscle imbalance that actually is CAUSING your Shin Splints in the first place.
So as soon as you start running or playing sport again, your Shin Splints will likely return.
3 Keys to Successfully Beating Shin Splints:
1 Find & Correct any Nerve Supply Issues to your Shin Muscles
2 Find And Correct any Joint Issues in your Hip, Knee or Ankle
3 Find and Remove all Trigger Points located in your Shin Muscles
3 Things To Avoid with Shin Splints
1 Over-Training: Cut back on your training Intensity until your injury is fixed.
2 Calf Stretching: stretching your injured shin muscles will only slow down your healing time.
3 Orthotics: may provide some pain relief through supporting the shin muscle imbalance, but can’t really repair the Shin Splint Injury long term.