What Is Sciatica?
Sciatica is pain that you feel running down the back of your left or right leg.
It can be most painful in your low back, buttocks, hamstrings or down past the knee into your shin and foot.
Sciatica can also feel like tingling or numbness running down the back of your your leg rather than pain.
The 2 Types Of Sciatica 
1: Disc injury: A bulging disc irritates your sciatic nerve where it exits your lower spine.
2: Piriformis Syndrome: Spasm of the small piriformis muscle irritates your sciatic nerve where it runs deep through your
gluteal (backside) region.
What Type Of Sciatica Do You Have?  
Try this simple test: sit on a dining room chair with your feet on the ground.
1 Lift your leg with sciatica off the ground and straighten or extend it full in front of you.
Leave it fully extended, and curl your foot and toes back up towards you.
If either of these movements aggravate your sciatica, you most likely have a disc injury.
2 Bend the leg with sciatica up & outwards and cross it over your other leg so the shin comes to rest on the opposite knee.
Wrap both arms around the bent (sciatic) leg and slowly hug the knee towards your OPPOSITE shoulder. 
If you experience pain or extreme tightness in your buttock, or down the back of your leg, you most likely have piriformis syndrome.
What’s the best Treatment For Your Sciatica ? 
For sciatica caused by Disc injuries, choose spinal joint therapists, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy or osteopathy.
Sciatica caused by Piriformis Syndrome can also be successfully treated by spinal joint therapists.
However muscle therapies like massage, myotherapy & piraformis stretching exercises can also help too.
Acupuncture & Dry Needling can also help with piriformis syndrome.
Finally, medicating sciatica is simply masking the pain, not really treating the cause of the injury.
So if you want a long term solution for your sciatica pain,
anti Inflammatories, muscle relaxants & cortisone injections are not really your best options.