Plantar Fasciitis

What is it?
Plantar Fasciitis is a painful injury affecting the heel or arch at the bottom of your foot.
This sharp pain in felt in the sole of the foot is typically worse upon getting out of bed in the morning.
The pain tends to ease throughout the day as you walk around, only to flare up in the morning again. 
The pain is due to inflammation of the thick connective tissue (plantar fascia) located in the bottom of your foot.
What Causes it?
Plantar Fasciitis is triggered by long term irritation of the plantar fascia.
 Although the pain is in the foot, the actual injury is located higher up the leg in the pelvic and knee joints and the calf and shin muscles.
Common triggers include over training, standing on your feet all day, or wearing poorly designed shoes like high heels.
Self Treatment Tips
Run your thumb along the inside of your shin bone massaging any tender spots until you feel them release.
Work from just below the inner knee all the way down to the top of the inner ankle.
Strengthen the muscles in your foot by walking barefoot as much as possible.
You can also practice picking up small objects (toys, marbles) with you toes, or scrunching up then releasing a tea towel on the kitchen floor with your toes.
These simple exercises will also strengthen the muscles in your foot.
What To Avoid
Stretching exercises for the calf and foot are not recommended:
you need your irritated fascial fibres to knit back together, not elongate!
Night splints, anti inflammatories, and orthotics address the symptoms, not the cause.
They may reduce your pain temporarily, but probably won’t fully resolve your injury or prevent it from recurring. 
Our Plantar Fasciitis Approach
If you can’t successfully self treat your Plantar Fasciitis, give us a call.
We’ll find and treat the joint and muscle patterns that are triggering your pain in the first place.
And with the right treatment, you could be pain and injury free again in a matter of weeks.