Knee Pain

Most types of Knee injuries result from a weakness or imbalance in the knee muscles.
Knee Meniscus Injuries, Knee Ligament Injuries or Knee Tendon Injuries … they all share a common Factor:
Muscle Imbalance!
So to fix your Knee Injury, you MUST find & fix the muscle problem triggering it. 
The location of your knee pain will vary depending on which muscles are involved.
The 4 most common sites where knee pain occurs are:
Outside of Knee:
This pain is most commonly caused by lio-tibial Band Syndrome
The muscles involved are your Tensor Fascia Latae or Gluteus Maximus muscles
These 2 muscles are actually located much higher in your hip & buttocks,
Sometimes the muscles that run down your outer shin may be involved here too
Front Of Knee:
Pain is most noticeable when you squat, walk up stairs, or get up or sit down in a chair 
Typically diagnosed as Tendonitis (below knee)  or Bursitis (above knee). 
Check for problems in the of Gluteus Maximus muscle & the quadriceps muscle
Inside of Knee:
This is the most common site for knee pain.
The major muscles involved are your Groin & Hamstring Muscles
This pain is commonly mis-diagnosed as a meniscus tear or collateral ligament injury
Back of Knee:
Typically referred to as a Bakers Cyst.
Is most common triggered by a problem with your calf muscle.
Even pain above the knee in your hamstrings more likely to be coming from a calf muscle problem.
NB: Meniscus or ligament injuries in the knee can often be eliminated by finding & correcting the offending muscles!
Other Causes of Knee Pain?
1: Problems in the foot & the hip can refer pain into the knee.
2: Gait imbalances caused by old shoulder or elbow injuries can cause knee pain.
3: Adrenal Fatigue from too much stress also strongly correlates to knee pain, especially into the inside knee.
Finally, arthritis in the knee is extremely common in the elderly.
As with any disease, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”
Fixing the muscle imbalances &weaknesses in your knee NOW will go a long way towards preventing arthritis