Suffer from Headaches. You’re not alone !
In any given year, one in two Australians will suffer from some form of headache.
And although there over 300 different types of Headaches, chances are you’re suffering from Tension Headaches or  Migraine Headaches.
Tension Headaches:
Feels like a dull, squeezing pressure pain affecting BOTH sides of your head.
The pain can also affect your neck and shoulders.
These are the most common type of Headache, typically triggered by stress and fatigue.
Tension Headaches respond well to anti inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications
Migraine Headaches
Less common than Tension Headaches, but far more painful.
Migraines are a pounding, pulsating pain affecting ONE side of the head only.
Some Migraines begin with problems with your sight referred to as a Migraine Aura.
Nausea, vomiting, confusion, grogginess, and sensitivity to bright light or loud sounds will also confirm you’ve got a Migraine 
Migraines are treated with Triptan Medication.
These drugs stop the pounding in your head by constricting the width of the blood vessels in your brain.
If you’ve been treating your headaches with drugs (pain killers, anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants, or Triptans),  you’ve
probably noticed that your Headaches keep coming back.
Now don’t get me wrong: pain relief from a Tension or Migraine is a good, good thing.
But what if you could remove the CAUSE of your Headaches?
Not just medicate your symptoms, but stop the Headaches from coming back?
So what is the most likely cause of your Tension or Migraine Headaches?
That’s right: your Neck, not your Head !
Tension or Migraine: it doesn’t matter.
It’s highly likely what’s triggering YOUR Headache is to be found somewhere in your neck.
In fact, 60 % of people with neck pain also suffer from HAs
And fixing joint and muscle problems in your neck may be your best hope of fixing your Headaches too.
Maybe even permanently … like what happened to me.