Frozen Shoulder

This injury starts as a pain in the shoulder which prevents you from fully moving your arm.
Over time, the reduced movement of your arm leads to more shoulder pain, creating a vicious cycle as your shoulder freezes up on you.
Frozen Shoulder Symptoms are a pain deep inside your shoulder that causes problems:
 – reaching for something quickly
– raising your arm above shoulder height
– reaching behind you to fasten a bra or tuck a shirt in
– fastening your seatbelt
– lying on your side when sleeping 
Sadly, what actually causes Frozen Shoulder remains unknown.
What we do know about Frozen Shoulder is:
– it’s an injury of the joint capsule deep inside the shoulder joint
– it more commonly affects women, usually between the ages of 35-60
– having Frozen Shoulder increases your future risk of getting Frozen Shoulder in your other arm
– about 70 percent of Frozen Shoulders will slowly heal themselves
The 3 Stages of Frozen Shoulder Injury are:
Freezing: increasing shoulder pain & stiffness
Frozen: less pain but shoulder remains very stiff
Thawing: shoulder movement slowly returns 
Each of these Stages lasts approximately 6-9 months.
So the good news is that eventually your Frozen Shoulder will melt away.
The bad news is that without treatment, this process can take 2-3 years.
That’s 2 long, miserable years of your life!
AND, you might then have to go through it again with your other arm …
So it’s important to get good treatment for your Frozen Shoulder.
And treating Frozen Shoulder is tricky.
Your medical treatment options still include Anti Inflammatory Drugs and Steroid Injections.
Neither are guaranteed success.
Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Chiropractic can all play a role, but again, are not a guaranteed success.
 So ask around. Seek some different opinions, and carefully consider your treatment options.
You’re looking for a therapist you can trust to steer you through this injury process as quickly and painlessly as possible.
In our practice, we favour high speed vibration treatment for Frozen Shoulder.
This new technology allows us to target the constricted capsule located deep in your shoulder joint.