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Pain Relief: A New Treatment Approach


A Different Way Of Repairing Injuries

You’re injured, and can’t get free from the pain.

Pain Killing Drugs, Anti Inflammatory Drugs, Massage, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic,Osteopathy, Acupuncture,  Exercise, Myotherapy, Yoga/Pilates

But none of it has got you completely pain free. Some of its helped, but the injury is still there.

I get it!

Actually, I’ve heard it all before. And to me, it doesn’t really matter what treatment you’ve already tried.

And here’s why.

Because the new 3 Step System I now use for treating injuries is very different to all of these treatments.

This system targets faulty electrical circuitry that continues to create the pain from your injury.  

An innovative new system for treating injuries that is safe, painless & very cost effective.

It’s all about finding & removing your pain properly.

So you can get on with your life again !

experienced, friendly, local.


Hi. I’m Nicholas Foley, a chiropractor with some 30 plus years experience.

Having previously practiced in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne & London, I moved to the Mornington Peninsula in 2007. I’ve developed a unique system for treating injuries which seems to provide fast, long lasting pain relief. This 3 Step System works equally well for short term (acute) or long term (chronic) injuries. If you’re reading this because you’re injured, perhaps it can help you too!



  1. Does the treatment hurt?

    No, not at all. The treatment is not only painless but also an extremely safe form of therapy.

  2. Is the Treatment expensive?
    No. Longer, one to one treatment sessions typically reduces the number of treatments needed for your injury.
     Less treatments overall means our treatments are very cost effective compared to other pain therapies. 
  3. How do I know your treatment will work for me?
    Pain is a very complex ailment, & no pain treatment works 100 percent of the time.
    That said, in most cases our unique approach to treating pain is extremely effective for both short or long term injuries.
  4. Do I require X-Rays or other tests before starting treatment?

    No. It's very rare we'd require additional diagnostics due to the detailed assessment we perform with each treatment, and the safety of our treatments. As such, there are no additional fees other than those already listed.

stay informed.